Stephanie & Michael Testimonial

"Their craftsmanship is spectacular and they stand by their work."


Photo of Stephanie & Michael

Working with Jim and Rich is seamless and we continue to use them for both giant and mid-level projects. Their strengths are four-fold. First, their craftsmanship is spectacular. Second, they stand by their work – in our case coming back a year later and crawling around under our house for hours. Third, they stay entirely within budget. And fourth, they and everyone they bring into the house are genuinely wonderful people.

The fireplace and bookshelves Rich and Jim built are spectacular, and look like vintage parts of the original house. They discussed details with us, added enhancements that would never have occurred to us to request, and quickly reworked any items with which we were not entirely satisfied. Another priceless point is that each night they left the house cleaner than they found it. I cannot imagine working with all-service contractors who could be better partners.