Cynthia & Don Testimonial

"Excellent experience, made remodeling a pleasure."


We have referred Howell Building Inc. to many neighbors and friends because of the excellent experience we had with the renovation of our second bathroom.

I have been involved in many renovations with the thirteen houses that I have owned including a vacation home we had built. Working with many contractors and tradesmen requires you to be involved in the every day progress of the job and you become educated on the mechanics and techniques of remodeling. It also reinforces your confidence or lack of confidence in the ability of the contractor to perform not only with the contract but with your perception of the quality of the work.

Jim Howell is the reason that we feel confident in referring Howell Building Inc. to our neighbors and friends. Jim explains the plan and the progress and listens to your questions and concerns. He spends time at your home almost every day, following up on the progress with his team and involving us in any issue arising that is in our best interest to address. His team is polite, friendly, productive and clean the work area before they leave.

Jim always shows a concern for his clients. At the end of our renovation my wife was injured and required the door to the bathroom to be removed and a safety bar installed. I asked Jim at the last moment if he had some one to stop by that day to take care if these issues before she came home from the hospital the next day. Jim showed up that afternoon and did the work himself and sent team member back to reinstall the door later at our request.

I would place Howell Building Inc. near the top of the list of contractors that made remodeling a pleasure and not a nightmare!