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Review or commonly asked questions. If you need more information or have another question please contact us.

Can I supply the materials for the project?

We can recommend and procure materials but are happy to work with you to if you want to select your own materials.

Can you recommend an architect?

Yes we can. We work with a variety of developers and architects.

How do you determine a budget?

Budgets are determined based on the size and complexity of the project as well as the quality of materials. We can work within your budget or come up with creative solutions.

How is the time frame of a project determined?

Renovation timelines vary depending on the scope and complexity of work and our current schedule or projects.

Custom homes, on average, take about 6-9 months depending on the complexity of the project.

How long has the company been operating in Tampa Bay?

James Howell has owned and operated a construction and painting contracting company in St. Petersburg for over 27 years. Learn more about the history and experience of Howell Building Inc.

How much of the work is done by subcontractors?

Our own people do all the demolition, carpentry, construction, flooring, tile work, cabinet work and painting. This gives us greater control over project quality.

We use electrical, plumbing and A/C subcontractors that we have a long and productive relationship.

What is the scope of services you provide?

Beside all areas of construction, we also do custom design work for smaller projects, like bathrooms and kitchens. We also can provide planning and remodeling strategy and renovation advice.

What types of elements can be moved in a renovation?

We’ll review with you what’s possible. Many times things like plumbing and bearing walls can be moved to meet your goals.